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WENDY - 荷兰

阿姆斯特丹,荷兰。 2016年 - 2017年


My name is Wendy Murcia, I am proudly Colombian. I have a BA in Spanish and English.

Since I was very young, I traveled a lot with my grandparents. I was only 3 years when I start traveling the roads of my beautiful country, with them. They were my main motivation, but everything in this life revolves around subsisting. I got carried away by the basic survival instinct of studying, working and repeating.

I think that my career from the beginning was a new motivation and a new adventure. My age? Mmm it doesn't matter when it comes to meeting goals ...

I was an au pair in Amsterdam, I was blessed to share with a wonderful and loving family, I must say that the best opportunity I could give in my life was to make the decision to say YES, yes to live differently, if a question do what I dreamed, yes, to leave the routine and shake off the fears that do not allow you to do things.

I met very special people, I made friends from many countries, and a few others that will last much longer than a trip.

Wendy - 哥伦比亚



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