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New York, USA. Abril 2018


My name is Melani Galzerano, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since I was a girl I always had the impulse to see what was out there, in the world, when I finished high school I started the traditional path of a university career.


Suddenly something changed in me, different personal events led me to need a change of scenery and right there a friend of the faculty told me about an exchange trip that was called au pair. I remembered that at some point, accompanying a friend to the university expo, we had heard about that program but, being so focused on the race, I didn't take it as an option. Maybe now if it was the right time. I called the agency that my friend recommended and I went there for an informational interview. I left teh place more than inspired and motivated to make the trip.

Patiently for a year I was saving and the moment I arrived at the required amount, I told my trusted people. At first many did not understand why I decided to leave my career in the middle to go to the United States to take care of children, but for me it had all the sense of the world and the search for adventure made me vibrate with happiness.

Thus began the path that first brought me as an au pair to the United States. 

Melani - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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