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Au pair adventure

Travel to other countries, get to know other cultures and come back with international work experience and having learned a language or two.

U$S 800* 

U$S 200 for 50 classes

U$S 1000 for 300 classes

Language classes

Take language classes before embarking on your next adventure.
For all ages and all levels.
Learn with us!

Work and holiday

This program gives you the chance to work mostly in the service area.

This is an excellent option as a new experience after the au pair experience,

since the requirements to apply for a visa are higher.

U$S 800* 

U$S 800* 

Exchange Student

Program for 18 year-olds and above who are interested in doing a course, or getting a degree or postgraduate degree.

Visas and citizenship

If your child, boyfriend or girlfriend, or relative is in the US or Canada

and you need a visa to visit them, or if you are an au pair and want to process your European citizenship, do not hesitate to contact us.

We advise you and help you throughout the application process.

U$S 50 



If you choose to travel with us through one of our programs we advise you free

of charge. If you are a relative of one of our applicants then we charge a small commission to organize a nice adventure so you do not have to worry about anything while keeping your costs low.

Volunteer work

If your call is to help and you want to collaborate with people of another culture, no matter how old you are... This program is for you!

Personal expenses are paid by the applicant (airfare, lodging and food)

U$S 800* 

U$S 4750

Por persona

Canada experience

It is a wonderful experience for boys and girls 9 to 18 years old in which

they travel for a month to Canada.

The price includes accommodation, 3 meals, visits, classes and transportation.

It is for groups no smaller than 10 children and they have to be accompanied.

Beautiful Landscape

Host families

If you have several children and little time to care for them then you can hire

an au pair. This is an ideal solution because it will lighten the chores

of the house and play with children as if she was an older sister.

U$S 800 


U$S 800*


Constant advisory before, during and after the program

Super flexible phone service hours

Four sessions of coaching 

50 language classes

Psychometric test / psychological test of intelligence, personality, etc ...

Gift card for your trip

ISIC card  / discounts on museums and attractions

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page".


Saint Augustine of Hippo


Au pair   /   Work and Holiday   /   Exchange student   /   Volunteer work

Click on the circles to see the different steps of the stages

U$S 300


- Forms

- Advice

- Admission


U$S 250

- Delivery of documentation

- Acceptance to the program

- Target search


U$S 250

- Contact objective

- Consulting while abroad


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